Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Claude Buckle's Railway Posters

Claude Henry Buckle (1905–1973) trained in architecture, spent a number of years creating travel poster art for British railway companies, and in his final years became a skilled water color painter. Biographical information is here.

Thanks to his work as an architectural delineator, Buckle was able to paint convincing scenes of towns, cities and noted structures. Below are examples of posters containing his illustrations. Several scenes are familiar, whetting my desire to head for England and Wales to visit the rest.



Hels said...

It is interesting that the artist chose/was commissioned to paint railway posters with no reference to trains. The rural landscapes and the developed cityscapes looked very enticing, but not a train to be seen. Or car or bus.

Donald Pittenger said...

Hels -- Sorry for the delayed response, but I was in Florida for a few weeks.

Actually, images of trains became scarce in railway advertising by the 1920s when marketers decided that it was better to get people first thinking about destinations rather than how to get there (as opposed to the reverse).

barbara buckle said...

Hello Donald
Just discover your blog coverage of my fathers work . Thanks for the exposure of this fine work .
Barbara buckle

Donald Pittenger said...

Barbara -- I'm glad you found this post. Thank you for reading.