Thursday, September 17, 2020

Gallen-Kallela Paints the Kalevala

Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865–1931) is perhaps Findland's greatest painter.  I wrote about his portrait art here, and his Wikipedia entry is here.

At various times over his career he painted scenes from the epic Finnish poem, the Kalevala.  Some were easel paintings, some were murals, and his media were sometimes oil and sometimes tempera.

The Kalevala is an immense poem, but here is information regarding it and Gallen-Kallela's works.  For the images below, I follow the sequence found there. 

Kalevala paintings by Gallen-Kallela (along with many others of his works) can be seen in the Ateneum art museum in Helsinki.  If you happen to be in town, don't miss visiting it.


Aino Myth Triptych - 1891

Joukahainen's Revenge - 1897

Forging the Sampo - 1893

By the River of Tuonela - study - 1903

Lemminkäinen Came to the River - 1920

Lemminkäinen’s Mother - 1897

Kullervo Cursing - 1899

The Abduction of Sampo - 1905

The Defense of the Sampo - 1896

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